Aerohive HiveOS 8.0

Some interesting additions included in the new Aerohive HiveOS for their AP250 & AP550.  Expect to seem some testing results regarding these soon…


ACSP (Automatic Channel Selection Protocol) and SDR (Software Defined Radio) Improvements:

  • Access points now store the last-used channel and power settings across a reboot, speeding up the restoration of the previous radio environment.
  • With this release, SDR (Software-Defined Radio) disables redundant 2.4 GHz radios are when it detects sufficient coverage from neighboring 2.4 GHz radios
  • For APs capable of running as dual 5GHz systems, the admin can choose to allow SDR to decide to run it as 2.4GHz+5GHz or dual 5 GHz

Enhancements applicable to all supported platforms:

  • This release improves the fairness of multi-client bandwidth distribution, building on the single-client performance improvements in previous releases, resulting in both improved fairness and increased aggregate performance.
  • In this release AP radios can automatically adjust bandwidth based on the OBSS (overlapping BSS) threshold by expanding or shrinking the channel width. (Exception: AP122)
  • This release lets you control whether an Apple Captive Network Assistant displays a log-in window when using IP firewall redirect.
  • This release adds the ability for Client Monitor 2.0 to send realtime data through TLV parameters to HiveManager.
  • The channel width for the default radio profile radio_ac0 has been reduced to 20MHz for better out of box experience in production environments.

Platform-specific enhancements:

  • The ability to automatically switch the wifi0 radio’s band on Dual-5G APs, whenever RF is significantly redundant for the current band.
  • The limit for concurrent associated clients on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radios has been increased from 100 to 200+ for the AP130, AP1130, AP230, AP250, AP245X, and AP550. The default remains at 100. AP122 remains at a 100 client limit.
  • This release adds voice enterprise support for the AP250, AP245X, and AP550.
  • WMM-AC is supported in this release on AP250, AP245X, and AP550.
  • This release adds support for smart antennas for the AP550 and AP250.
  • This release adds support for 4 spatial streams for MU-MIMO capable clients per radio for the AP550.
  • Zero-wait DFS handling is available in AP250, AP245X, and AP550.
  • FCC DFS (dynamic frequency selection) support for the AP122, AP245X, and AP550.
  • Last used DFS static channel after the NOL (non-occupancy-list) timeout.


Release Notes are located at