Aerohive Bonjour Gateway Part 1: setup

Here is a quick how-to configure Bonjour Gateway within a network policy for Aerohive.

This is based off Hivemanager 6.

There are two different ways in which to create/modify Bonjour Gateway in Hivemanger.

  1. Under the Network Policy
  2. Under Advanced Configurations>Common Objects>Bonjour Gateway Settings

Once you are under Bonjour Gateway Settings you are ready to start configuring.

Assign the Bonjour Gateway service a name and description. Next you will need to decide which networks or VLANs the Bonjour Gateway service needs to listen on.  By default it is set to listen on all VLANs from 1-4094. This is also limited to only listening on the VLANs your network policy knows about.

Now you can assign Bonjour services using the + button