Aerohive Bonjour Gateway Part 2: Advanced Configuration

Here is a quick how-to for advanced configurations for Bonjour Gateway within a network policy for Aerohive.

This is based off Hivemanager 6.

Go to the Bonjour Gateway, COMMON OBJECTS>Bonjour Gateway Settings

Pay close attention to the VLANs allowed in this bonjour gateway (8,12,64,65). For this walk-thru we will be filtering AppleTV’s to only talk on the audio video vlan (VLAN 12) and the corperate vlan (VLAN 65).

Click the + under the bonjour service. Under Service choose APPLE TV Services. From VLAN Group, (You will need to create a VLAN Group) choose the desired VLAN Group

To VLAN Group will be the same VLAN group as I used in the previous From VLAN Group, as I only want these two VLANs able to communicate to and from an APPLE TV.